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Getting back on track isn’t easy!



Hey Guys


So its been way too long. Between personnel things going on in my life, getting food poisoning and then a virus which had me on antibiotics, the last two months have not been good for me at all. The gym and meditation has definitely taken a back seat. I think it’s good to listen to your body and give yourself a break when you need it but I am really feeling worse for it. My Fibro and coccyx was doing pretty well until I started slacking. 😦 I’m beginning to feel pain in my coccyx again which I haven’t felt in a long while and my Fibro is 100% worse for it. I also haven’t taken my Vitamins and fish oils so my fatigue and memory is pretty bad.


It has been the hardest thing getting back on track so I thought if I do a post about it, it will force me to get back on track. I am really missing the gym and healthy living but when you get a knock its hard to get back up! This time away from the gym has really proven to me how much the gym needs to be apart of my life. Its such a simple thing, just go to the gym I hear you say!  But when you have fatigue which also affects your mood, going to the gym is the hardest thing in the world.

That is why next week I am going to be blogging everyday. I’ll be posting what exercise I’ve done that day and what I eat in a day. I might do ‘What I eat in a Day’ vlogs but I’ll see.

So if you have a few bad weeks, don’t give up! Embrace the rest and then get back on track!

Talk soon




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I started this blog just to write. Write what I wanted to say and keep an account so I can go back and read it when I'm grey and old. :-)
Grew up in the music industry and lived it for years. Music will always be in my life.
Lover of food, fashion and music. Cruelty Free. Vegetarian. Vegan. Plant based.
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It is my Diary. Real life and day to day events. x

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