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Finally………Back on Track!


Hey Guys

So last week I spoke about getting back into the swing of things well I miserably failed! Fibro is really kicking my ass the last 2 months…..but On Wednesday I finally got back to the gym and it felt great. I think its so easy to fall in to a rut and not get out of it and especially with this weird weather.

So to help get me out of this rut, I bought a pre-workout which I always used to use, some dandelion tea and a new pair of runners which I love ❤ and then i was ready!

I’m only 2 days back at the gym and I am already feeling the benefits, mostly in my brain but its the brain that can take over and stop me from doing anything but now FINALLY I am back on track!



The foam roller is definitely your friend. Even though it can be pretty sore I truly believe that it works wonders so keep at it!


I’ve spoken about it before but meditation is a must. 5 or 10 minutes a day even makes such a difference to your day.


And finally I have been drinking LOADS of lemon water. I always find it so hard to drink the required amount of water per day but lemon water is tastier which make it easier. Your body will thank you for it!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and whatever you do, get out into the air and Breathe! ❤


Marie-Ann xoxo

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