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24 Hours Yummy Food Coma


Hey guys

Hope you all had a lovely Valentines weekend.

Thought I’d do a little review of a hotel where we just stayed for a night. David actually got it for me for my birthday in December but we just haven’t had time to go until this weekend and it worked out well that it was Valentines weekend too.

We stayed in the Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore and WOW was it amazing!

The hotel was actually much smaller than I thought it was going to be but I guarantee you, great things come in small packages.

As your enter the hotel you step into a small lobby with the biggest bay window over looking Ardmore Bay which is just incredible. There is a cozy feel to the place with a fire in the corner.

We got a lovely welcome and everyone was very friendly. Our bedroom was on the same level as the lobby which was very handy. A lovely double bed with colours of purple throughout the room and bathroom.

When we got there we were starving so we threw our bags in the room and headed down to the bar for some lunch which was yummy! 🙂

I went for the beetroot salad and a side of fries and a lovely glass of Malbec.


Lunch was so enjoyable and we just chilled and took in our surroundings.

Around 4pm we decided to get some exercise and go on a cliff walk. They supply wellies in the hotel but us city slickers thought we’d be ok and didn’t avail of them! Big mistake! As it was a lovely day and the sun was out we thought we’d be ok……What do we know! lol So my advice is… WEAR THE WELLIES!

The walk and the view was so beautiful but yes indeed we did need the wellies. Mud and puddles joined us for the whole of the walk which at times was hilarious as Davids runners had no grips which meant he had a few slippy moments. But we got to the end safe and sound with no mud on our bums so that was an achievement. The view at the end of the walk was absolutely stunning and the sun just topped it off.



After our cliff walk adventure we decided to use the swimming pool and outdoor Jacuzzi. Very relaxing and enjoyable and a perfect way to unwind before dinner.

Dinner was booked for 8.45pm so we decided to have a pre dinner drink in the bar before. I have a raspberry Bellini and David had a Jack Daniels and coke.


They were delicious! ❤

Dinner then was amazing! I’m not going to go through everything but let me tell you, if you ever go to the Cliff House Hotel you will most definitely experience what i call ‘FOOD COMA’! It was the most amazing dinner I have ever had and so much food. Breads to  starts, then amuse-bouches, 3 of them each, starters came next, followed by a savory sorbet to cleanse the palate. Dinner is then serviced. Deserts comes after and then Petits fours. And let me just add, all courses came with sides!  OMG and all of it was a taste sensation. Executive Chef Martijn Kajuiter is unbelievable. He is a food scientist.


Now when I say I fell into a food coma, honestly I did! I just about managed to get myself into bed, I even left my make up on which I NEVER DO!!!! It was totally worth it though.

A few hours of sleep pass and we are up again for what…….MORE FOOD!! Breakfast. OMG I was still full from dinner but when in Rome! 🙂

So we dragged ourselves out of bed, threw on our track suits and made our way back to the dinning room for breakfast.

The nicest orange juice I’ve ever tasted started us on our breakfast quest. With a fruit salad and an tier of pastry’s and toast and breads handed to us to start I honestly didn’t think I would be able to order anything but of course I had to so I choose just two poached eggs and tomato which were perfect. Coffee was delicious and sitting at a window, the view of the bay was so beautiful and it was the perfect breakfast.

Then came time to leave which was very annoying but we will defo be back.

What a great 24 hours we had. I would highly recommend The Cliff House Hotel….especially if you’re hungry! lol

The best valentines I’ve ever had…..

Thanks Dboy

Let me know if you have been here or ever get to go.

I did a little video of it on my youtube channel if you want to check it out also…My youtube channel is Marie-Ann Hughes

Talk soon






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