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Marissa Carter’s Masterclass


Hey Guys

How are you all? I have a big blog post coming next week but I thought I’d just do a quick review about Marissa Carter’s master class that I went to at the weekend with my sister Anna.

So I follow Marissa on snap chat and all other social media platforms and had heard her speaking about these masterclasses she was doing. The first ever one was in Bunratty Castle Hotel, Co Clare and it just so happened to fall on the same weekend as Anna’s Birthday. I knew Anna would love a weekend away and a whole day talking about make up and beauty so it was perfect. I won’t go into to much detail in case any of you go but here’s a bit of information about it.


It was a complete sell out. 299 women and 1 guy. 🙂

When we arrived at the function room at 11am we were completely impress. It was more like a wedding or charity event for rich ladies who lunch and for the next 4 hours or so we learn’t about make up, skin products, treatments etc…. Throughout the day Marissa had some guests to teach us some things and they were all brilliant as well. It was a brilliant day. So much better than I expected. Marissa gave away so many spot prizes. I think every single person who asked a question got a spot prize and some of them were big prizes, like €400 toward hair extensions and €1000 towards lazer treatment.

Around 1.30pm we each got a plate of afternoon tea and cups of tea but at this stage a lot of us were having a glass of wine! ❤


It was truly a great event and I would highly recommend going to it if you are interested in all things beauty related. Marissa definitely knows what she is talking about. 🙂

And as for the swag bags….. Very generous indeed! Vouchers, make up, fake tan, candles, lip stick, skin tablets, make up brush, cleanser… I think it was worth around €150+


Tickets are €100 which you might think are pricey but for what you get its totally worth it and great value.

Let me know if any of you go and what you thought of it.

Talk soon



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