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Soulshine Retreat daily diary in Ibiza 

Day 5 at Soulshine Retreats in Ibiza

My last day of yoga so of course I had to do it. Woke at 7am to absorb the view from my bed and then got ready to do my last morning yoga class. I really enjoyed it. Still a bit chilly as the sun hadn’t come the whole way round to us yet. After yoga the lovely and talented Rita presented us with yet another amazing breakfast


After breakfast we just chilled and chatted for a bit and then I had a face massage with Gini at 12.15. It was called a natural face lift but what it is, is the most amazing face and head massage I’ve ever had. I also had it outside up on the yoga deck with the sun beating down which was just incredible. Got a little too much sun on my face but was totally worth it! 😁

Gini has magical hands. It was the most amazing massage I’ve ever had. You don’t realize how much tension is held in your face and head! #bliss

2pm came along as quickly as it does everyday and once again we are eating a feast made by Rita.

Red Cabbage soup which was delicious

Stuff yellow pepper which lentils, corn and a few other yummy things and roasted carrots

Chia seed, dates and cocoa balls

After lunch Mum and I decided to go into town as we didn’t feel like sunbathing so we got ourselves ready and off we went.
Taxi dropped us just at the gate of the old town so off we went for a wander. The little cobbled streets and quirky restaurants were just beautiful.


In and out of some shops and then we spotted a hair salon so decided to get a blowdry as our hairs were full of coconut oil from Gini’s massage earlier in the day.

Coffees, shopping and hair done around 7pm we headed back to the villa as dinner is served at 8pm and we couldn’t possibly miss a Rita meal 😜

8pm came along and we were serviced once again a fabulous meal..

Lentil burgers with sweet potato and pickled red cabbage

Banana and chia seed balls with chocolate sauce, OMG these were amazing. So soft and sweet amd yummy but healthy! woohoo :-)Rita made a few extra as it was our last night which we were all very happy about.
After dinner myself, Mum, Emily, Raj & Karen sat in the sitting room and chatted for a while and once again had an ab workout with all the laughter.

11pm came and off to bed we went for the last time in Soulshine Retreats, Ibiza.

Buenas Noches




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