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Soulshine Retreats in Ibiza Review 

Soulshine Retreats In Ibiza Review

Well what can I say….as I sit in my bed snuggled up with hot water bottle and duvet I think what a wonderful experience that was!
Myself and Mum have been saying for years that we would love to do a yoga & meditation retreat and we finally did it! Woohoo.

Soulshine Retreats, were definitely the right company to choose for our first ever retreat.

Not only did we get a best retreat with the warmest people running it but we have also made some friends for life.

Donna, the hostess with the mostess was just the best. Nothing was too big or too small, she accommodated us in every way. Warmest smile and kind natured and yoga with Donna was my favorite part of the day. Yin & Nidra yoga. So relaxing, prefect way to unwind. She has the perfect voice to calm you down.

Andrea, she helped Donna out some days. Once again very accommodating and always making us our chai & peppermint teas.

Diana, our little jewel. Diana did yoga with us in the mornings and she just radiates zen and well being. A hug from Diana can set you up for the day and make you feel more positive and ready to kick ass.
And then we had the wonderful Rita and Caty who helped her out some days. What can I say about Rita. Her food was amazing. Everyday there was some food type we fell in love with. It was mostly vegan with the exception of somedays there were eggs. Raw, veggy, vegan and yet so very delicious. I don’t know what I’m going to do without her! 🍉🍉
And then there’s the girls… Emily, Raj, Karen & Vicky. I definitely believe we were brought together for a reason. I honestly have made friends for life. It’s strange how a group of people become so close so quickly. We shared our lives with each other. Our hopes and our fears. We didn’t have to pretend with each other. Totally honest and relaxed. So happy these girls will be apart of my life. Thanks girls for giving me a six pack from all the laughter….Love ya xxxx

And that’s one off the bucket list, our Yoga & meditation retreat is over. Loved it!

Now back to work 🙂

Talk soon




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