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Hey guys

How have you all been? Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while but work has been crazy and I have been seriously trying to figure out how am I going to live the rest of my life dealing with pain etc….

I can’t remember if I told you this already but here’s the update….

I got injections a few months back, first in my neck which weren’t too painful at the time but the after effect was terrible but it gave me no pain relief and then I got them into my shoulder which was so painful I burst out crying, didn’t mean to but it was just the shock I think! Well that injection didn’t really work either so they were going to inject more and this time put me asleep to do it so they could go deeper but I just decided I’d had enough. Enough pain killers, enough with all the injections, enough doctors charging me a fortune.

So I went back to my physiotherapist Xavier in Medfit in Blackrock and said to him lets try and train myself better. To fix my shoulder and maintain my Fibro. So far so good! I’ve had 4 physio sessions and I’m back training in the gym most days. Its only been 2-3 weeks and already I am noticing the difference. THANK GOD!!!! 🙂

The difference this time is I have realised that the gym to me is something I have to do at least 3-4 times a week. It’s apart of my life. If I don’t keep it up my body reacts very badly. And yes I have said this before and it is hard. It’s hard to stay motivated and positive. Sometime I think, why cant I just not go to the gym, why do I have to have this body but I just need to get over it and get on with it. We are all handed different things to deal with in life and this is one of mine.

The challenge now is to keep it up…I’m expecting in a few weeks to have another bad patch and to not want to go to the gym and to hate my body and feel massively depressed, in fact I know this will happen as it has been happening to me my whole life but this time I need to get through it. Talk my way though it, make appointments with Xavier for physio and chats as he always motivates me. What ever works best for you just do it, get through it.

I can’t believe how quickly my body went down from not training and I cant believe how quickly it has come up from training. I even said to Xavier, I feel like a weirdo! I just cant believe I would ever stop training. My body is a body that needs exercise and that is it. So instead of taking pain killers everyday, I’ll just go to the gym!

Hormones are a nightmare but fight against the little feckers! PMS is a bitch but don’t let it drag you down. Do not let anything stop you from exercising and staying positive. ❤

I have always said, if you have Fibro, stretching and exercise is one of the best things for it well that is what I have found, so get yourself a foam roller and if you’re not a member of a gym, just get out into the air and walk, jog, skip…whatever you can do!

Ok you lovely people, I must sleep now. If you fancy following me on snapchat it’s mariejnr. Daily updates of gym, music, food, the works! 🙂

Thanks and talk soon







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I started this blog just to write. Write what I wanted to say and keep an account so I can go back and read it when I'm grey and old. :-)
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