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Getting Fit With Fibro

Hey guys,

So its been around 5 and half weeks since I seriously got back into the gym and myself and my fibro are loving it so much. I know I have always said that exercise makes such a difference to fibro but the last  few weeks have just confirmed that even more for me. ❤

The problem before though was that I would normally go everyday and push myself too hard too soon and would then burn out quickly but now Ive realised that it is and has to be a way of life, my life style which is forever so not to push myself too much. 3-4 times a week is perfect and also walking Miss Lizzy everyday.

I started off just doing circuit training but slowly come off that and have been using the treadmill and weights which I am loving. I am now running up to 25 minutes and walking 10 minutes after with an incline of 5.5 for 10 minutes and then with a decline of -3 for 10 minutes. I am really loving been able to jog again. When I started 5.5 weeks ago I couldnt even run for 5 minutes without nearly passing out and now some days I am up to 25 minutes, so to me that’s a massive improvement and I am very happy with it. My weights are increasing weekly also which is great but nothing too much for the moment.

Already I have lost some inches around my body. 1 inch on my waist, 2 inches on my hips, .5 inch under my bust, .5 inches around my arms. Its small amounts but it all adds up so I am delighted, just gotta keep going and got to make sure not to burn myself out.

I have been eating pretty clean, vegan/veggy. Still having treats of course as I cant live without sweet things. ❤ Started back with meditation, using my Head Space and loving it again and it really does help.

Now I have to say I am just back from Barcelona so there was no gym and I 100% noticed the difference from not exercising. Pain is sorer in my arm and in my whole body in general and yesterday my mood was crazy so I knew today I had to get back to it and it was great.

We are going to Portugal on the 16th August so I’ll measure myself before I go and let you know if there are any changes also how I’m feeling and how my fibro is getting on etc….

To finish off I just want to say…..

If you are suffering with fibro and if you can, get up and get out, its the most important thing and if you are able, get to the gym. Stay active. The less active you are the worse the fibro is and then that also affects your mood. I am open for chats all the time so contact me and i’ll get back to you ASAP. Life is hard enough so chat to me because I totally get how you are feeling.

Follow me on snap chat @mariejnr and you can see me in the gym and what I am doing and my daily life in general.

Talk soon


Marie-Ann ❤ ❤ ❤



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