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Positivity! It ain’t easy. 



Hey guys

Hope you’re all well and having a good November.

I just want to talk a little about staying positive all the time and how impossible it is to do that.

This may turn into a rant so beware! 😜

Fibromyalgia, not only is it chronic pain but god does it fuck with your emotions. One minute I’ll be like ‘oh yeah everything is great and I can beat this pain’ and the next I want to give up and take a sleeping pill and never wake up again! (Not really but you know what I mean)

I’ve had fibro pain since I was 13 years old so 22 years of explaining and talking about fibro is really beginning to take its toll. I am so sick of the pain but more having to explain it to others and really convince them it’s real! 😡 Listening to American movies take the piss out of fibro really pisses me off too! 😡


Staying positive everyday is the biggest challenge I have in my life. My family may call me a moody bitch sometimes but they are the only people I can truly be myself. No fake smiles when it comes to family!  Positivity isn’t easy when one day you’re ok and the next you want to jump off a cliff as the pain is so bad. Fibro pain is so hard for people to understand and sometimes believe but it’s very real and very annoying! I would do anything to wake up for just one day pain free.

So I just want to say, Its Ok to have shit days, to feel down and deflated and to want to give up, just once you don’t! Take a minute, take a day in bed, take a walk, listen to music because it feeds the soul, watch a sunrise or sunset and breathe and just remember you will have better days to come.

At the moment I am having a bit of a nightmare but I know there is better days to come I’ve just got to ride these shitty days out.

Have a good month and talk soon


Marie-Ann ❤ ❤ ❤



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