New Youtube Channel


_87772655_87772653         Hey Guys

Hope you are all well and enjoying this Christmas month. As stressful as it can be try and enjoy it!

Anyway this isnt really a blog post, its more me just to let you all know that I have a youtube channel and I have doing doing weekly Vlogs, youtubers call it vlogmas. Lots of the big youtubers to daily vlogmas but because I am a beginner and only have imovie to work with at the moment I decided just to do weekly vlogs. Editing isn’t the easiest thing to do and takes A LOT of time. I am still learning but enjoying it. In time if I continue making little videos I think I may invest in final cut pro as its a lot better and I will defo need more ram in my computer.

Anyway if you fancy checking out my channel id love it and please like and subscribe and help me build my little channel. Leave a comment and let me know you came from here.

Talk soon




Channel Name is Marie-Ann Hughes. Please like and subscribe x




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