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Another Year Older! Happy Birthday to Me! 

Hey guys,
As I sit here in bed on the morning of my birthday I think to myself, oh shit! There goes another year!

Another year has past and I’m still not that highly successful business woman, mother or wife! There’s no big bank account, detached house with a white picket fence and no children playing in the garden. To be honest I’m still questioning what exactly I was put on this earth to do.

My Dad keeps telling me I have until I’m 40 and then I should think about making a decision so I’m good for another few years. 🙂 So for now I think I’ll continue with the hopes and dreams. With the hard work and belief that it will all work out.

Instead of starting this year with the thoughts of things I don’t have and killing myself for the things that didn’t work out,  I’m going to start this year with the thoughts of what I’m going to work towards. Positive steps are totes require for 2017. Maybe some new adventures are needed too, to spice things up a bit!

I have the most amazing boyfriend and family any gal could wish for, Miss Lizzy is my fluffy little baby and without these rocks in my life I’d be truly lost ❤

Well I better get up now so I will talk to you guys later

Love to all



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I started this blog just to write. Write what I wanted to say and keep an account so I can go back and read it when I'm grey and old. :-)
Grew up in the music industry and lived it for years. Music will always be in my life.
Lover of food, fashion and music. Cruelty Free. Vegetarian. Vegan. Plant based.
Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, IBS
It is my Diary. Real life and day to day events. x

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