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January Favorites 2017

Hey Guys

Hope you’re all having a super fantastic January and that 2017 so far is going well.

Now we all know I aint no beauty blogger but I would like to share with you what I am using these days. Some of my January 2017 Favs!

Ok so in no particular order at all, first on the list is Skin Ceuticals Mineral Radiance UV Defense. I use this everyday as a daily moisturizer. With an SPF 50 and tinted you cant go wrong. You know those days when you don’t want to put make up on but its so dull and depressing out you feel you should, well pop this on and it gives you a slightly flawless complexion. Chemical and Paraben free is always a winner in my book. I have checked to see if its cruelty free but I cant seem to find any info so if any of you guys know just let me know. Thanks ❤

Next we have Aveda Stress-Fix Hand Creme. I suffer really bad with dry chapped skin on my hands in the winter and this stuff has been AMAZING. I just lash it on whenever I need it and the smell alone will keep you happy. I love all Aveda products and they are all cruelty free which I love. ❤

I am always trying out new natural deodorants and I’m never happy with them but so far so good with this one. Tea Tree Deodorant. Free from Aluminium, SLS, Paraben and alcohol. I’ve always loved Tea Tree scented anything so I knew I’d love this product and so far it seems to work  well which is great. Its leave you with a great fresh feeling.  I will definitely be trying out some more products as there seems to be a few on the market. Cruelty free ❤


I know I’m slow jumping on this wagon but Ive only started using Pixi Glow tonic and I’m really liking it too. Leave me with a fresh faced feeling. To be honest I’m not sure I’m looking anymore glowing but I like it and the way it make my skin feel so that’s good enough for me. Cruelty free too. ❤

Last but no means least is this little life saver. I try not to wash my hair more than twice a week as I suffer with a sore scalp. I have tried many other dry shampoos which would always irritated my scalp eventually but this Aveda Shampure is the best thing created ever. I Love Love Love it and would highly recommend it. From the smell to the feeling its all perfect but I would expect nothing less from Avdea. Cruelty free ❤

There you go guys, just some of my favorites I am using at the moment and honestly really like. Let me know what you guys are using and loving at the moment. Also I have come across some new cruelty free products so when I’ve tried and tested them I’ll do a post about them.

Talk soon




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