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Fibromyalgia Bikini Body Project 

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately but I really haven’t had much to talk about and work has been full on.

It’s that time of year again where I say to myself…Marie-Ann it’s time to get your bikini body in order! Lol 👙 Getting that bikini body though isn’t always very easy and especially when fibro is a part of your life and wont feck off 😦

I was going to start the gym today but I am having a bad fibro day 😡 so instead of doing nothing I went for a brisk walk for around 45 minutes and I did some arm exercises, I watched one of Blogilates videos, 6 Minute Sexy arms and yes my arms burned by the end of it.

I also did some arm weights after, Bicep curl and Tricep extensions. 3 sets of each with 15 reps. I finished off with the dreaded  painful but yet wonderful foam roller. It’s defo a love hate relationship.

Starting back I really need to take it slow as I know my body and I know I’m going to be pretty sore tomorrow, so tomorrow I’ll just be walking but no weights.
It’s so tough to get into exercise again when you feel so wrecked and sore but I know if I even do a little I always feel a little better in myself.

Why I’m really doing this is because of 2 reasons, firstly Dboy and myself are planning a holiday to Vietnam at the end of July so I would like to feel more confident in my bikini and secondly my fibro is bad which means with the  flying and heat I’m going to swell like a balloon and I always find when Ive been exercising for a while the swelling from planes and sun isn’t as bad, I have no idea why!

I’m blogging this journey just to keep account of what I’m doing and if I’m finding an improvement in my fibro and also if see if my body is toning up at all. I wont be posting any naked pics of me now but if I’m feeling good I might eventually put up a picture of me on the beach in Vietnam. ❤


Let me know if you are on a fitness journey and maybe we can all do it together.

Happy Saturday peeps!




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