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The Power of Walking

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Hi guys,

A little life and Fibro Bikini Body update:

Well it’s time to be honest….πŸ™ˆ I never got to hot yoga!!!! I have been extremely busy for the last while and I literally haven’t had the time. So I’m not going to be hard on myself and I’m just going to tell myself I’ll get there at some stage.

What I have been doing is a lot of walking, like a lot! I took over my sisters dog walking business back in February when she went back to Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί and to be honest it’s the best exercise and it’s FREE. All you have to do is get up off your butt and go. No packing a gym bag, no feeling self conscious in front of others, no having to have fancy gym gear so you look good, no smelly smells, apart from myself after speed walking with my doggies.

I’ve gone to many gyms over the years and I know I’ll defo go back especially for weights but for now walking is my thing and honestly I’ve lost more weight than ever and it’s been so easy. And did I mention it’s FREE!!! πŸ˜ƒ No matter what the weather is, I get out there. Hail, rain, snow, sun, heatwaves, I’m out walking. Some days it’s only an hour and some days it can be 3/4 hours. I always choose a route that’s challenging for me. I make sure I get a sweat on. Lots of layers normally 2 jackets, jumper, t-shirt and sport bra and at fast pace and the weight is coming off nicely.

I always talk about the benefits of getting out into the air for your brain and I still believe it, more than ever. I truly believe I would have cracked up by now if I hadn’t taken over my sisters business. It came at a perfect time. The music industry is a brilliant thing but lord it beats you up a lot. Getting out everyday in all weathers has seriously prevented me from having a nervous break down. Music is my passion and it’s who I am but getting out walking everyday just helps me deal with the pressures of it all. Fresh air is honestly such great medicine.

On the fibro front, things are OK! I’m sore and tired but I’m OK. I’m having as good patch at the moment which kind of scares me as I know there’s a bad flare up coming because that is the way it always goes. I am still experimenting with different vitamins but as I said before when I have found something that works for me I’ll do a blog post about it all. One things for sure, Magnesium is helping me sleep, 100%.

Let me know how you are all getting on with life!

Hope you are all well




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