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Hungover or Fibro Flare?



Hey guys

Hope you’re all doing well. So the last time I was talking to you beautiful peeps things were good but lets just say I’m having a few BAD Fibro days.  I went to bed the other night not feeling too bad at all and I woke up the next morning feeling the worst I’ve felt in a good while. I was telling my sister I felt completely hungover.  I was dizzy, I had foggy brain, I was light headed, all in all just totally disorientated.

I went to the hair dressers the day before to get a full head of highlights and I think that’s what has triggered this flare up. Getting the actual highlights in was fine, even though it took around 2 hours (I have so much hair)  but I noticed when at the basin when they were washing the packs out of my hair, my neck was very sore, sorer than normal. I started to get a pain down my arm and my head started going numb, it was the weirdest sensation, one I have never had before. Not only did my head start going numb but the side of my face. I’ve never had this feeling before but once I lifted my head up straight, it started to subside.

Along with the neck, jaw and ear pain all day, I kept getting that weird sensation in my head, slightly numbing and pressure. It was definitely coming from my neck.

The reason I’m writing this post is because Ive never had these symptoms before they kind of freaked me out so I’m just wondering has anyone else every had this? It’s now two days later and I’m still sore but don’t feel hungover like I did. Anyone with Fibro knows hows disheartening this condition is. One day you can feel ok and positive and then BOOM the next day you feel terrible. It’s so hard not to let it get to you but a lot of breathing and walking outdoors helps a lot. I think its time to get back into my meditation. I used to use the app Headspace which I loved and just after speaking to my friend, I think its time to get back into it.

So my goals for now are to keep walking, get back into meditation and try to stay positive about Fibro.

Come chat to me if you can relate

Talk soon





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  1. Thanks for your comment. Im glad you find my site helpful as its a very hard condition to deal with and understand. Everyday I try to figure it out but things change all the time. Keep strong. x


  2. I have been in beacon hospital twice and having all of the same issues plus a lot more it’s so hard at times to explain how you can look good but unseen pain is even harder to explain
    I got a great book well worth the information The Woman’s Fibroymalgia Toolkit by Dawn A Marcus


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