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Two faced Fibromyalgia

Hey guys,

This is just a small little post about something I’ve been thinking about. My fibromyalgia has been bad the last while so I thought I’d write this post. This is about fibromyalgia’s two faces. #twofaced

These pictures are after a good cry, feeling completely deflated, worried and sad for the future #twofaced

I actually find crying a great stress reliever, it’s the only way I can get out my frustrations. Wrecked but always feel slightly relieved after a good cry. (I call them mini break downs)

No matter how hard I try to be strong and put on a happy face even though I’m really a different person on the inside, sometimes I just can’t hold it in and I break down. Fibro sufferers are two faced. The face on the outside is never really the face on the inside and to be honest I think that’s OK. I think its OK to pretend that you are OK as long as you are honest with yourself and know how you really feel. Any fibro sufferers I know, would hate the idea of talking a lot about their condition and having people feel sorry for them. Sometime I feel if people know you have a condition then they think of you as weak and to me I have to believe I am the total opposite. I have to believe I have this condition because I can deal with it and it wont break me.

I never spoke about my fibro with my friends growing up, I think it was only about 5 years ago that I started sharing it with them and explaining what I was going through and again I think that’s OK.


Me on a good day In Australia with David. #twofaced

If you are a fibro sufferer and you have two faces too, good on you! Two faced, strong and determined. Stay positive and keep fighting.

Lots of love



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  1. I hope you get better and better. This sucks. I’ll never complain about my small problems again :/ hope there a cure for that, this is awful 😦

    Much of random love from a complete stranger ♡♡♡♡

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