Fibro Fitness Girl

Hey Guys

Its been a while since I wrote anything but to be honest I didn’t have much to say. Sometimes when you’re trying to figure out things, you don’t really want to talk about it until you have it sorted in your head. Now, to be honest I still don’t haven’t things sorted things but I’m getting there so I thought I’d write a little about what I’ve decided to do this year.

I took a loan out to buy a car, ended up not having to use it all so I’ve decided to use the rest of the money to try and help my body, my health and well being. I hate the thought of being in debt but for my body and health I’ve decided it’s totally worth it.

As you may know I have tried a lot of things to help my body over the years but I’m still struggling with it. I’ll never stop trying! So I’ve decided to go to a chiropractor, a dietitian and get a personnel trainer. I was going to document everything but then I thought that might be a little boring so every so often I’ll post about how things are going and what I’m finding good, if anything!

So far Ive had 4 or 5 sessions with the chiropractor and 5 to 6 sessions with my PT and it all seems to be going good. Nothing major to report. Dietitian is booked for the 28th which I’m really looking forward to because I truly believe your gut is the soul of your body and if that’s not right, nothing is. I constantly have stomach issues so looking forward to getting that all sorted out once and for all. I basicly eat a plant based diet with a little fish the odd time anyway.

Maybe what I do is weekly updates and then eventually after six weeks or so I’ll do a full body update and see how Im improving with pictures and lots of info.

Let me know if you are injoying watching my progress and if you have any tips and ticks to kicking Fibro Ass. Healthy living in general and gut health. I need all the advice!

Love ya all and thanks again for always reading

Talk soon



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