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Hi Guys,

Well what can I say. It has been a very long time since I posted and lord has it been a tough year for us all so I am sending out positive vibes to you all, Take a deep breath, we will get through this.

Just thought I’d do a post about my recent journey with endometriosis.

I decided to get a second opinion and got a new gynecologist who I think is great. I did feel a little bad for getting a second opinion but now I am so glad I did and to be honest, its my body and I didn’t get the answers the first time so Of course I am going to keep trying and we are all totally entitled to do this.

To cut a long story short after trying a few things with the new gynecologist, and nothing working, I opted to get another laparoscopy (which was my 3rd) but with a new surgeon whom she recommended highly. To be honest I didn’t have much confidence as I was at the stage that I really thought they wouldn’t find anything and the new surgeon would have no answers. So I made an appointment to meet with the surgeon and I actually spoke to him about having a hysterectomy as I thought that was really my only option at this point. I found him to be very honest and frank but friendly which at this stage is exactly what I wanted.

We decided after a good conversation that he would do a laparoscopy first so he could see exactly what was going on and then we could go from there. He wasn’t really a fan of the hysterectomy as he thought 40 yrs was a young age to have this done but I assured him if it was necessary then I wanted it done. I have made the choice to not have my own children due to Fibromyalgia, not an easy decision but I know in my heart its the right one for me so I am happy with it.

The operation was only a week ago so I am still recovering and I have an appointment with the surgeon in March but what he found was another large cyst on my left ovary and from what I understood is that the cyst, fallopian tube and ovary were all meshed together so he had to free them all from each other and of course removed the cyst completely along with some endometriosis. He also discovered that my fallopian tube wasn’t damaged as per what my first gynecologist had told me, it was actually the cyst pushing through which made it look like it was the tube that was damaged which also means I’ve had that cyst on my left ovary for around 4 years so no wonder there was always pain ANYWAY…….

My new surgeon and gynecologist are wonderful and hopefully I will have some pain relief eventually once I have fully recovered.

Things I have learned:

Do not be afraid to get a second opinion, You owe it to yourself.

Stay strong and tell your surgeon and gynecologist exactly what you want the end result to be.

Do not rush your recovery- I thought it would be much quicker but this time it will be at least two weeks for full recovery.

Do not give up and feel like there is no point- There is always something that can be done, keep researching, My father always told me Knowledge to power and I truly believe that in every aspect of life.

and finally- be kind to yourself.

I will fill you all in after my appointment in March and see what the next step is. I am looking forward to hopefully figuring this pain out once and for all & I believe with this surgeon and gynecologist it will happen.

Love to you all & Stay strong

Lots of fresh air people!




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