About Me:

When I told my Dad I wanted to be a singer, he ignored me for a while as he knew only too well how hard the music industry is and how hard things could get. After annoying him for several months, he put me into a studio and since then I haven’t stopped!

Growing up with The Corrs as my second family and surrounded by amazing musicians and talent has been amazing! Of course I was going to do it, its in my blood!

Living with Fibromyalgia all my life and still trying to figure it out! Its slowly driving me mad as most days I wake up feeling like a 90 year old woman which after so many years can be annoying. Fighting it on a daily basis not to let it win. Its hard but gotta keep fighting.
Lover of food, fashion and music. Cruelty Free. Vegetarian. Vegan. Health. Animal Lover.

Started this blog for the chats and sometimes just to get things off my chest so make sure you chat back to me!

Talk soon




Follow me on twitter: @mariejunior

Snapchat: @mariejnr (therealmarieannhughes)

instagram: therealmarieannhughes


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