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Three Rings But Never The Bride!



Hey Guys,

Hope the new year is going well for you all.

I started the blog just to talk, to talk about anything and everything and for you guys to talk to me and share our stories and our feeling etc…..diary of my REAL life!

Over the Christmas and the New Year I heard of so many people getting engaged and married so I thought I’d share my crazy story and my experience with engagement rings and marriage!

So if I tell you that I have been engaged 3 times but have never managed to walk down the isle, you’d probably think I’m messing but I’m not! Yes I have said yes to 3 guys and even bought one dress but to be honest, there’s nothing like a ring on your finger to make you realise what you really want in life and from your life partner.

The problem with me is that I like to help people and fix their problems and sort their lives out and make everything ok while completely forgetting about myself and my needs and wants in life. I would also say to myself, Oh its ok, I don’t mind if he doesn’t have a job or money because he LOVES me and Ill sort it all out bla bla bla…….thinking back now I must have been bloody crazy for at least 15 years of my life. LOL well i’m still crazy but just on my own terms…… 🙂

My second engagement was the hardest one for me to get over…Even though all the break ups were my decision, it doesn’t mean that its not the hardest thing in the world and it took me a very long time to get over that one. You always think, why did it not work out, why cant you find a man who looks at you like you’re the only person in the world. Why cant you have the fairy tale?

I have to say the older I get the more I realise that relationships are one of the hardest things we have to deal with in life, they aren’t easy and take work but if you find the right person well its all a little easier. Like my parent, they have been married 45 years, they got married at 21 and I have always wanted to have a marriage like theirs. They’ve had tough times but their love for each other is on a different level and it inspires me everyday. They are truly best mates and soul mates and belong together.

Maybe that’s why I said yes 3 times because I was desperate to find what they have. I love being in love and been loved by someone but I now know I was definitely going about it the wrong way! lol

Every time I pass a  jewelers my sister makes me run past just in case I start looking at the engagement rings! 🙂 lol

So I decided the best thing to do was to stop settling for second best and go for what truly makes you happy and don’t stop looking until you find it. We all deserve true love and I believe that there is someone out there for everyone. Sometimes they are just under your nose and you haven’t realised! 🙂

So one wedding dress and three rings later….lets just say, I am now truly very happy and he is pretty perfect for me! ❤

Let me know if any of you guys can relate to me and my craziness in any way LOL

Talk soon




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I started this blog just to write. Write what I wanted to say and keep an account so I can go back and read it when I'm grey and old. :-)
Grew up in the music industry and lived it for years. Music will always be in my life.
Lover of food, fashion and music. Cruelty Free. Vegetarian. Vegan. Plant based.
Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, IBS
It is my Diary. Real life and day to day events. x

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4 replies

  1. I wish I could believe in love the way you do ! 😦
    The only “boyfriend” I ever had just wanted sex and I was soooo naive and pretty young (22). when I realised how stupid I had been it was too late. I’m 28 now and did not have any other boyfriend. I never had a man saying he loves me, never ever. I wonder how that feels.
    I’ts been 5 years now that I have been lonely, no man ever asks me out or seems interested in me. I wonder sometimes, what is wrong with me. Do I have something missing or damaged ? is there something they see they don’t like ? Some will say I’m pretty but don’t seem interested at all.

    It kind of hurts. I’m very shy also and it does not make things easier.
    I really wish I had someone. I haven’t have as much as a hug in 5 years. It feels lonely and cold here.


    1. Hi Mia, Sorry you haven’t had the best experience with love but to be honest relationships and love is actually the hardest thing in the world. It has taken me a very long time and 3 engagements to finally get it right.
      I think what you should do is just forget about it and concentrate on yourself and live the fullest life you can. I do believe there is someone for everyone but sometimes it just takes a while longer to find. My sister is one of those people, shes amazing and beautiful but has never found the right guy. Its time to stop looking and just enjoy this life.
      Believe you me there is absolutely nothing wrong with you so get that out of your head.
      Remember this your wonderful life so you have control, travel, work hard and have fun. Learn to love yourself because its hard to love if you don’t love yourself. Incorporate exercise into your life, I find it does wonders for my head. If i’m having a bad day….I always get outside no matter what the weather is like, even just for 10 mins and I feel so much better.
      Hope youre having a good Saturday so far and thanks for the chats.
      Talk soon


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