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Living a guilt free life…..Ain’t Easy!


Hey guys

Hope you’re all doing well?

I wanted to speak a little bit about trying to live a guilt free life and how hard it actually is. The older I get the more aware I am getting when it comes to cruelty to animals for food and fashion and to the humans in the work place.

I became a pescetarian about 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. The whole animal cruelty just got too much for me and I couldn’t do it anymore. There are hundreds of videos out there about it if you fancy a look but I warn you its not easy to watch. From the way they treat animals we eat, to the animals that are killed for fashion, the whole thing is horrible and I simple just don’t understand why it has to be like this.

Everyday I am constantly trying to make better choices. What food will I eat, where will I buy clothes from, are they ethically made, are the products I use cruelty free. I think to myself are the choices I am making going to have a impact on some person or animals life in a negative way. I truly believe that we can all live without having to harm others or animals.

So what I am saying to you, I know its impossible for us to buy clothes and always know the conditions as to where they are made, whether or not kids and woman and men are been beaten and working in terrible conditions and also when it comes to your food, its hard to know the conditions in which the animals were living and how they were treated. If you do choose to eat meat I ask that you try eating with more of a conscience.

A few things I have been trying to do to leave a smaller footprint on this earth:

  • Try buying local. Support the small local shops in your area.
  • Look into Ethical clothing
  • Looking into trying to only buy cruelty free products
  • Buying sustainable fish
  • Watch a few documentaries


Some documentaries I have watched at

  1. Forks over Knives
  2. fat, Sick and nearly dead
  3. Food Matters
  4. Cowspiracy ( This way the first one I watched) 
  5. Food. Inc
  6. Blackfish


Most of these documentaries are very hard watch but they are the truth and for a change I think we should find out about the truth, whats really going on in this world of ours.

I’m not sure why I am writing this as I’m really not trying to change you all to become vegans and only be wearing ethical clothing.

What I think would be good is, if we could all just be a little more aware about where our food and our clothes are coming from. Small steps are better than no steps. Don’t bury your heads in the sand, even though you don’t like what the reality is but in the long run it will be worth it for us and the planet.

Love you all and thanks for always reading




‘If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming anyone……..
why would’nt we?’

Edgars Mission

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