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New years resolutions, really?!

Hey Guys
Happy New year to you all!


My new years resolution is to NOT make any new years resolutions. Shut up and feck off! Totes, No More resolutions!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so sick of making resolutions and not carrying them out which in turn makes me feel like shit so this year I’m making none.

BUT what I will do is every month I will do an activity or something new of some sort. Whether its trying to go for a 5k run without stopping or  rock climbing a 200ft quarry or having a scuba lesson, having a skiing lesson, start walking daily bla bla bla, you know what I mean anyway. In 2017 I’m going to do one thing a month that’s good for my mind, body and soul and if I enjoy it well I may just continue it, who knows. ❤

We put so much pressure on ourselves to start fresh and give up something or loose a ridiculous amount of unreasonable weight etc. It’s not good for our brains to pressure ourselves like that so let’s all do something every month to enjoy and improve our lives.

So no more pressuring yourselves because we all have more than enough stresses as it is. Do something you enjoy and that will add to your life and make you feel better instead of making ridiculous resolutions that you hate from the beginning.

I’ll be posting about what Im doing once a month. Im going to call it my ‘Once a Month Club’ and if you guys want to let me know what your up to feel free.

Lets make 2017 brilliant and most of all ENJOYABLE and UPLIFTING.

Lots of Love



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