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Soulshine Retreats daily diary in Ibiza 

Day 3 at Soulshine Retreats in Ibiza

Woke up at 7am and decided to do yoga at 7.30am. It was outside on the roof which is amazing when the sun shines but at 7.30am even though the sun was out it wasn’t hitting the roof yet so it was pretty cold but still so nice to be out so we just wrapped up and got on with it.
By the end of class the sun was on us more so we had about 10 minutes of Shavasana in the sun which was blissful.  ☀️

Today was our afternoon of running wild in Ibiza so instead of going mad we decided to just head to the beach and do a spot of sunbathing. The beach was amazing but oh my, the wind was cold and strong which made the sunbathing pretty chilly.
I stayed mostly in my shirts, t-shirt and hoodie but every so often when the wind died down we all stripped off to get some vitamin D into our bodies. 😜

We had lunch at 3pm which was ok. There was a restaurant on the beach so we just went there. I had a quinoa salad with avocado which I really enjoyed. Totes forgot to snap it again because to cut a long story short we weren’t feeling out most glamorous, surrounded by all the rich & famous in the restaurant. It was pretty hilarious to be honest! 💄💋

Ate our food and quickly got back into the sun and wind! Lol

Around 4.30 we decided enough was enough and we were going to head back to our villa and hopefully catch the last bit of sun there and hopefully it would be less windy.
Well it was blissful… A little sun trap up on the roof where we do yoga so we ended up staying another 2 hours up there sunbathing and chatting which was really really nice. It’s funny how a group of people get on so well just a few days into knowing each other. 👌

Showered and ready to eat again…
Dinner time!

Warm Courgette noodles with green beans, hummas, celery  & carrot

I forgot to snap the dessert which was amazing. It was vegan coconut marshmallow bounty bar type of thing. OMG it was incredible. So annoyed I forgot to take a picture.

Tonight I also had a lovely glass of red wine with dinner 🍷

Herbal tea after diner as usual to help the belly!

And now I’m in bed ready to dream the night away!
Hope you all had a good day

Buenas Noches


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