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World Mental Health Day 

Hey Guys,

Just a quick little post to talk about mental health. Mental health affects many people in the world for many different reasons. The reason I am talking about it is because I know how pain affects my mental health and to be honest, dealing with pain everyday from the age of 13 can be tough sometimes. Apart from all of the issues in the diagram, keeping a positive mental attitude can be a struggle, if you’re struggling, TALK! And keep talking. Don’t hold it all in. Let people in and maybe they might be able to help and sometimes you can get a lot of relief from just talking. Talk to your family, talk to your close friends but if you don’t want to talk to people so close to home, talk to your doctor. People are always willing to listen.

Just remember, if you had a broken leg you would go to the doctor so never feel that having a mental health issue doesn’t warrant the same time. ❤

Stay positive and keep talking

Talk soon


Marie-Ann <3<3<3


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